Eyes on me[中英對照] 王菲 專輯:最終幻想Ⅷ

[ti:Eyes on me(中英對照)]
[05:20][00:00] Eyes On Me
[00:02] 注視我的目光
[00:05]Vocal : Faye Wang 聲 : 王菲
[00:10]Lyrics : Kako someya
[00:12]Composer :Nobuo Uemastu
[00:15] 曲:植鬆伸夫 詞:野島一成
[00:20] 譯 :慧劍無心
[00:28]Whenever sang my songs.每次唱自己的歌
[00:33]On the stage,on my own!獨自在舞台上
[00:38]Whenever said my words.道出心聲
[00:44]Wishing they would be heard.希望有人聆聽
[00:49]I saw U smiling at me.看見你對我微笑
[00:54]Was it real or just my fantasy?真的嗎?亦或隻是我的幻想?
[00:59]U'd always be there in the corner.你總待在角落裏
[01:04]Of this tiny little bar.在這個小酒吧中
[01:10]My last night here 4 U.最後在此為你待一個晚上
[01:16]Samg old songs,just once more.最後唱一遍相同的老歌
[01:21]My last night here with U?這是與你在一起的最後一晚嗎?
[01:26]Maybe yes,maybe no.也許,是也許不是。
[01:31]I kind of liked it Ur way.我有些喜歡你注視我的方式
[01:36]How U shyly placed Ur eyes on me.害羞地凝視著我
[01:42]Oh,did U ever know?哦,你可知道
[01:47]That I had mine on U.我也在注視著你
[04:32][01:54]Darling,so there U are.達令,你就在那兒
[04:37][01:59]With that look on Ur face.臉上的表情
[04:43][02:05]As if U're never hurt.好象從未受過傷害
[04:48][02:10]As if U're never down.從未失敗
[04:53][02:16]Shall I be the one 4 U?我可以是哪個人嗎?
[04:58][02:21]Who pinches U softly but sure.那個溫柔而堅定地擰你一下的人
[05:05][02:27]If frown is shown then.如果你皺眉
[05:07][02:30]I'll know that U're on dreamer.我會知道你不是在夢遊
[03:04]So let me come 2 U.讓我靠近你
[03:10]Close as I wanted 2 be近到我滿意
[03:15]Close enough 4 me.近到我
[03:20]To feel Ur heart beating fast.能聽見你的心跳加速
[03:25]And stay there as I whisper.我停靠在那兒悄聲訴說
[03:31]How I love U peaceful eyes on me.多麽喜歡你凝視我的寧靜的雙眼
[03:37]Did U ever know.哦,你可知道
[03:41]That I had mine on U.我也在注視著你
[03:48]Darling,so share with me.愛人,如果你的愛夠深
[03:54]Ur love if U have enough.和我分享吧
[03:59]Ur tests if U're holding back.強忍住的淚水和痛苦
[04:04]Or pain if that's what it is.也讓我分擔
[04:09]How can I let U know.怎樣讓你知道
[04:15]I'm more than the dress & the voice.我不僅是這樣的音容笑貌。
[04:21]Just reach me out then.伸手碰一下我
[04:24]U'll know that U're not dreaming.便會知道你不是在做夢
[05:16] Eyes on me 最終幻想Ⅷ - SQUARE .1998.
[05:18] 製作者:慧劍無心 網路搜集:9599236

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